How it works
Functions of our platform

1. Pre-Register – Complete your KYC & create your character

2. Social Media News Feed - Create content, share content on a live feed

3. Social Media Networking – Follow other crypto enthusiasts

4. Decentralized CryptoCurrency Exchange - Trade Cryptocurrencies on a decentralized platform

5. Crypto Trade Copier – Connect to profitable crypto traders. Automatically get there trades copied onto your account.

6. Security – Built on the latest framework with security at the top of our list.

7. Agartha Crypto Bank - Deposit, withdraw your crypto currencies – Offline secure storage of crypto in our guarded & 24/7 monitored facility.

8. Crypto Based Marketplace - Users are able to sell products & accept crypto as payments for the products with worldwide shipping all done on the Agartha platform.

9. Crypto Chat – Share your thoughts & ideas on the live chat with users from all across the globe

10. Crypto Casino - A full online casino. Members can enjoy playing there favorite casino games such as blackjack, Roulette, Poker, & much more.

Launching this Fall 2018 Pre – Register now!

Competitive Advantage

Agartha is a social media networking platform dedicated to individuals in the blockchain, hashgraph, DAG, & cryptocurrency space

User Friendly Exchange


List your coin

Want to get listed on our exchange? Send an e-mail to & someone from our company will be in touch with you.

Secure & User Friendly

Made on the most latest framework our developers kept security in mind from the day we started. Agartha is a more safe and secure way to connect and exchange everything crypto!


Our vision is to connect retail crypto-currency traders all across the globe. We want others to connect share & explore the ever evolving crypto currency space. We encourage other ICO’s to actively promote their services & products on our platform. Our platform will allow users to create a profile, content, & share their information on a live feed. We have a lot of exciting features on our platform that we would love to talk about but why don’t you come see it for yourself? Simply pre-register to get an e-mail on how to get started & be the driving force in today’s crypto currency space.

Our Team

Who is behind Agartha? Everyone that means including you! Now you must be thinking how am I behind something that I didn’t create. Guess what if you are reading this you are creating it. Agartha is built by none other than a team of full stack developers. Yeah that is right just plain old simple developers with various skill sets who are working daily to provide you with the most user friendly experience in the market today. We started this with no crowd funding & no marketing budget. This platform is really just made for YOU! All we had was our computers & ideas with a lot of brain power. Want to help us grow? You don’t have to be a developer to help us. Get in touch with us we are sure there is something you can do.